Our security guards are trained and equipped for different environments and situations.  All our guards are provincially recognized with Basic Security Training (BST), Extensive Customer Service, First Aid  and CPR certified.  Officers will be additionally trained onsite to meet your exact requirements.  In conclusion our extensive training and consistent review gives our security officers the skills and confidence necessary to fully comply with your requirements.


  • In conclusion our extensive training and consistent review gives our security officers the skills and confidence necessary to fully comply with your requirements.
  • The protection of life.
  • The protection of property and our client’s premises.
  • The prevention of loss and waste.
  • The prevention of violence and crime.


Our security staff are fully capable to report all situations and perform duties through professional manner. The operational department provides support and communication to ensure the safety of your property and our guards. Our security guards observe, deter, record and report. We have experienced and trained officer to provide Fire watch services so you can continue daily operations without worrying about fire system issues. Securability Protection’s Security guards are provided site training, continuous coaching and feedback from clients to improve their performance in field.  We aim to gather as much information as possible about any site we will be protecting, to place our guards accordingly, allowing us to ensure the safety of what is most valuable to you, the customer. Our clients can make a list of security related duties for the officer to implement. For example, locking rooms, buildings and parking checks. Our security officers provide foot patrols, vehicle patrols, and fire watch patrols.


  • Interact with law enforcement officials and the justice system, if necessary.
  • Security personnel may also be a valuable source of information to the police.
  • Providing leadership and direction in emergencies and assisting emergency personnel.
  • Controlling access to a site such as monitoring entrance & gate passage, escorting people.
  • Controlling or restoring order and peace to a crowd.


The number of thefts in retail locations has increased throughout the years. It is becoming necessary to have someone professional and certified on site during and after business hours. We provide professional, certified and trained security guards for your protection. Our staff perform their duties with or without uniform upon your request.

At Securability Protection, we provide all kinds of services related to security and safety of your business locations. We handle all your inquiries and suggestions efficiently. We have the skills to manage risk analysis activity and prepare preventative theft strategy. Our strategies cover all types of security concerns which can be faced by the employers and employees of any organization.  Theappropriate detection and intervention in cases of shoplifting and fraud, as well as interception and arrest of suspects in cases of criminal infraction.


  • Preventing Auto theft.
  • Cover parking perimeters.
  • Retail Theft Prevention Services.
  • Undercover Detection Services.
  • Mystery shoppers.
  • Uniform and un-uniformed guards.



We provide coverage for all industries and events, our patrol vehicles are on the lookout 24/7. This type of patrol normally covers areas that are too great to be covered on foot. Our vehicles are equipped with radios/mobile telephones and remain in constant communication with our dispatchers.  The patrols will often include parking lots, perimeter fence line, outer perimeters and areas that are unsuitable for foot patrol. If patrol vehicles are not an option for your event,  you can utilize our bike security officers. Bike officers are able to pass through crowds easily, while still providing high visibility. This is also an excellent alternative to prevent auto theft and for the removal of persons causing incivilities.




  • Parking enforcement.
  • Patrol and alarm response.
  • Conduct numerous security patrols.
  • Cater to industrial, commercial and residential locations.
  • Provide highly visible motor vehicle patrol.
  • Increased speed between different sites.
  • First Aid and emergency equipment is carried on all our patrol vehicles.
  • Vehicles are prepared for inclement weather (rain, snow, temperature extremes).


A concierge is a warm friendly alternative to a standard uniformed security guard that provides a wealth of hospitality services to truly valued residents.  Securability Protection Services is devoted to a complete client accountability and the continuous safety and security of our staff through specified site training.

The culture of each property is determined by its tenants, visitors, and neighbours.   This is the reason we ensure our concierge staff is tailored to your needs are addressed with the your culture.

Our security concierge service is focused on meeting the needs of your property,also ensuring a service oriented experience resulting in a excellent  level of satisfaction.

we assign you, your own dedicated, exclusive expert security concierge ensuring continuous level of quality of service.

  • We tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • All our Security Concierge Staff have undergone extensive training in customer service, security and safety.
  • Securability Protection Concierge Services are trained and able to handle emergencies.
  • Our Patrol vehicles and live dispatch centre are available on the road 24/7 for your convenience.
  • All our Concierge staff pass an annual criminal record background check and  hold a valid Security License and are fully bonded and insured.
  • Our In house training involves a Customer service training ,Professional Image, Communication Skills (Telephone, written, voice mail).
  • Distribute any mail received at the front desk or lockbox. 


Our alarm response force reacts immediately to all alarm calls and covers properties in an efficient manner. Our on-site security guards ensure that your property, whether commercial, industrial or residential, is protected and is safe and secure. We do a complete interior and exterior patrol. Should there be a false alarm, our security patrol will re-arm your system to maintain security. In case of a legitimate threat, our patrol officers will contact your local police agency. By doing this, we want to give you the enjoyment of convenience and relaxation related to your security concerns.


  • Fast response time.
  • All activity is reported directly to you.
  • We inspect and insure the security of your property.
  • Investigation of all suspicious circumstances; persons and vehicles.
  • Detailed report of visits to your property, including time and date.
  • Crime deterrence through high-visibility security guard patrol units.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We provide private Investigative services in all areas of civil and criminal.  We confidently assure you that our private Investigators cling to the highest professional standards and confidentiality.

In the initial assessment, we will refrain from requesting personal details, instead will ensure you know our team is the right fit for you and your particular circumstances.

Our Private Investigators have a wide range of different experiences relating to different industries.

Our private discrete investigators are available 24 hours to help you with your unique situation.